Your Guide to Grammarly’s Free and Premium Features (2023)

Grammarly’s suggestions make it easy to improve your writing. Our free offering equips you to spot and fix misspelled words, imperfect grammar, and punctuation mistakes. And Grammarly Premium does all that and a whole lot more—all in service of taking your writing from good to great.

So what do these plans include, and how can you use them? Here, we explain the differences between our free plan and Grammarly Premium while also highlighting a few top features.

Where can I use these plans?

Grammarly is there to help wherever you love to write, and that’s true for both our free plan and Grammarly Premium. These applications include:

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Note that while the free version of Grammarly provides basic suggestions in all of the above, our Premium plan also provides more advanced recommendations, which we’ll detail further below.

What are the features of the free plan?

Whatever you’re writing, you don’t want it to go out with embarrassing spelling mistakes, confusing grammar issues, or incorrect punctuation. Fortunately, you can count on Grammarly’s free version to help you catch and remedy a slew of common mistakes. This can save you time and safeguard your credibility while making sure your writing gives the write right impression.

And the free offering doesn’t stop there. Grammarly’s tone detector can help your writing sound just the way you want, whether that’s friendly but not overly casual with a colleague, or concerned but not angry when asking someone for help. The tone detector analyzes your words, phrasing, and punctuation so you can ensure your writing says what you mean—exactly how you mean it.

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Grammarly’s free plan also includes conciseness suggestions to tighten loose phrasing. And Grammarly Premium has more advanced features to offer, as we discuss next.

What more does Premium offer?

Grammarly Premium helps make your writing extra clear to your reader. It can suggest restructuring lengthy sentences to make them more understandable.

It can also help you get the delivery just right. For Premium users, tone adjustment suggestions appear as purple underlines. These can help you find a more polite option in place of something that might seem rude.

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Delivery suggestions also recommend inclusive language in spots where it’s appropriate. And they can help you hit the mark when it comes to formality. While you might feel comfortable sending an informal “thank u” to an old friend, this feature can remind you to swap in “thank you” when addressing colleagues. It can even boost your confidence—or, at least, help your writing seem more confident by striking squishy, hedging phrases like “I think.”

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Besides purple underlines for delivery, Grammarly Premium users can look for green underlines, which are engagement suggestions. These can help you notice and avoid repetitive patterns and instead employ a lively variety of sentence structures to better hold the reader’s attention. Engagement suggestions also include ways to replace dull vocabulary with more compelling words. For instance, was the checkmate in that chess game you watched “very smart,” or was it “brilliant?”

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That last note brings us to fluency suggestions. Consider someone whose primary language is French, in which the word “chance” means “luck.” Fluency suggestions help avoid mix-ups specific to a particular language, so someone who usually speaks French doesn’t mistakenly call that crafty checkmate “good chance.”

Grammarly Premium also includes formatting suggestions, like identifying when a hard-to-follow paragraph would work better as a series of bullet points. (Hey, we took that exact suggestion earlier to list where these plans work!)

Finally, to ensure there’s no chance of anyone mistaking you for a copycat, Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism detector searches the web, including academic databases, for phrases that match what’s in your draft, so you can be sure your work reads as undeniably yours.

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What makes Grammarly Premium worthwhile?

Grammarly’s suggestions make improving your writing incredibly convenient, and Grammarly Premium can help your next draft nail the delivery in a clear and engaging way.

When you write well, it says a lot about you—like that you’re a professional who doesn’t let even small mistakes slip by. While polished writing takes time and diligence, it’s worthwhile, and Grammarly can help. Grammarly Premium offers exceptionally great value when billing annually.Read more about our plans here.


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