Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (2023)

You find this tech job and start reading its description. Tech stack? Check. Team culture fit? Check. Benefits? Check. Next potential dream job? Check.

With all the tech skills you have on your technical resume, you think how qualified and even overqualified you are for this job.

You’ll run through the test assignment with the same speed as Usain Bolt before he went playing soccer.

But no assignment is coming your way. No callback. Not even an email. All you got is an auto-reply message from a job board.

The sad reality is, even the brightest engineers and developers don’t land job interviews simply because their tech resumes are not making the cut.

Even worse is that often your resume is doing rounds with several non-technical personnel before someone who knows the difference between IDE and API gets their hands on it. But today we put an end to this nonsense. We’ll write a tech resume that will turn all these recruiters and gatekeepers into your most cheering advocates.

And here’s how.

What will you learn in this tech resume guide:

  • how to write a technical resume that recruiters love to read from start to finish
  • technical resume examples that land you job interviews, not waiting list subscriptions
  • the difference between a good tech resume and a great tech resume with examples for every section
  • technical resume template for maximum engagement and job invitations

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How to Write a Job-Winning Tech Resume

You know what’s the difference between the tech skills section of someone who spent 10 years in front end development and someone who finished a Coursera webdev course yesterday?

None. Their “React.js”, “Angular”, “HTML”, and “Front End development” may look exactly identical.

And the same goes for back end developers, system administrators, and software engineers.

With the abundance of online courses, open-source project forks, and upwork gigs everyone can quickly learn the next hot framework or stack and even have some experience with it.

To write a job-winning tech resume that passes all the automatic and human filters with flying colors you need to account for one critical thing: context.

And the context of the IT recruitment scene is the following: you won’t impress recruiters with tech skills anymore.

Because everyone has them on their technical resumes.

So how do you stand out?

First, you need to demonstrate the impact of your work. Not just that you can do the work, but also that this work drives results.

You are as crucial to the success of your latest startup as that marketing guy whose name is on every PR release, so why not show it?

Second, create a narrative around your skills. This way you get to demonstrate your skills in action, but more importantly you’ll make your resume engaging for a non-technical recruiter.

Finally, perform deep research of your potential employers. Studying job requirements and the company's Glassdoor is cool, but is it enough?

People applying for Google are eagerly searching for the most recent interview puzzles and learning them by heart, so why not apply the same effort to your next dream job?

Learn as much as you can about the company you’re applying for -- what their website runs on, who are their lead engineers, what are their Github profiles, latest features, product history?

Victory loves preparation, and the more you know about the company, the better you can understand what will catch their eye and fast track you to the final round.

In this guide we’ll show you tech resume examples for every section of your resume, crafting a tech resume template that you can adapt to your needs right away.

Here are the most crucial sections of your technical resume.

Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (1)

Recommended layout for tech resume section

  • Header section that grabs recruiter’s attention and facilitates positive expectations
  • Experience section that is relevant and that demonstrates the ability to make impact
  • Skills section with proper prioritisation and grouping of your tech and soft skills
  • Education and Certification to strengthen your overall working profile
  • Customs sections (Projects, Achievements) to stand out or fill gaps in your work history

Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (2)

What recruiters want to see in a good tech resume

  • If you can use you your technical skills to drive results for a company
  • If your technical skills are relevant and up-to-date
  • If you have a thorough understanding of your future working environment
  • If you can explain complex work processes even to a non-technical person
  • If you know the value behind your work and ready to prove it

For more information on the best resume format options, read our guide: The Best Resume Formats You Need to Consider (5+ Examples Included).

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Tech Resume Header Section: How To Instantly Make Recruiters Like You

Your technical resume starts with the Header section where you put your name, address, and contact details so that recruiters could reach out to you later.

Of course you could stop here and proceed to the next sections, but there’s something else you can do.

You see, 93% of recruiters will be reviewing your social media profiles before offering you a job.

And whatever recruiters find on your social profiles (post history, friends list, bio) can be interpreted in so many ways that it becomes a lottery of whether they will like you or not. You don’t need to play this game. Guide recruiters with the links to your Github and Linkedin profiles, and let them see what you want them to see.

For technical positions, prioritise linking to your Github -- that way technical recruiters and project leads can quickly make an impression about you from the quality of your work.

If you’re going for an IT managerial position, prioritise Linkedin to demonstrate your connections and networking skills -- those are important skills for leaders that many candidates lack.

We’re also adding a custom headline because during our research we learned that the company we’re applying for is actively expanding their mobile development department.

Mark Goolsby

Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in building highload mobile applications


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Phoenix, AZ


Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (3)

Pro tip

Add a custom headline instead of a job title in your header section to engage recruiters even further and shape their expectations for the rest of the resume.

If you want more ideas for stand-out resume headers, read through our guide Perfecting Your Resume Header so You Get Noticed.

Tech Resume

Experience Section: Conquering Recruiters and Employers With Impact and Results

The Experience section of your technical resume is where the majority of your research will pay off.

Have you found about the latest features the company was adding to their product? Are they pivoting, expanding, re-architecting?

Are they trying to make their product more stable, or are they in hot water pushing as many new features as they can before the funding dries up?Whatever you learn, you can rearrange your previous experience and demonstrate that you will be a part of the solution.

The next step after you nail your research is to create a convincing narrative of your impact. Use this formula:

Accomplished [A] as measured in [B] by doing [C]

Bad example: helped developing X messaging platform

Good example: as a part of 3-engineer unit developed X messaging platform optimized for 10M+ daily active users.

Lastly, buzzwords and keywords. Any technical job description features both.

Examples of buzzwords: microservices, scalable computing, VR, A.I, etc.

Examples of keywords: functional programming, Python, AWS, etc.

It’s important to mention both in your resume for two reasons:

  • Pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) that automatically filter out non-tech resumes
  • Gain a competitive advantage over candidates who didn’t perform due research

If during your research you’ve found that a company uses a fresh technology and also mentions this tech in their job description, by all means find a way to weave it into your narrative.

Don’t lie if you don’t have experience with certain tech and don’t overdo buzzwords -- if you put all the recent IT buzzwords in your tech resume it will look unnatural.


Senior Software EngineerBlanchette

(Video) How to Pick the Best Keywords for Your Resume (5-Step Tutorial)

02/2016 - 11/2020


Designed error analysis solution

Created a mobile messaging platform

Created a web portal for managing customer commissions



Senior Software EngineerBlanchette

02/2016 - 11/2020


Led a team of 9 engineers to design and implement an error analysis solution that reduced the development to production time for mobile department by 35%

As a part of 3-engineer unit developed Kowat messaging platform optimized for 10M+ daily active users 24/7

Designed and developed web based portal for processing customer commissions which resulted in 13% indirect sales uptick within the first 3 months

Technology used: Docker, Python, Django, Java, Microservices, PostgreSQL


Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (4)

Pro tip
(Video) How To Write An INCREDIBLE Resume: 2022 TEMPLATE INCLUDED!

For every job in your experience section mention the technology stack that you used for that project to make your resume more readable, and demonstrate tech skills in action.

For more ideas on how to create an actionable resume experience section, check out our guide How to Describe Your Resume Work Experience.

Technical Resume Skills Section: Do’s and Don'ts

Having a balanced Skills section is vital because it helps recruiters to understand whether you are able to perform the job.

But no one will be reading a list of 50+ skills that you've acquired over your career

Here are some tips to make your Skills section more engaging and impactful:

  • Put the tech that the company uses higher on your list of skills
  • Group your technical skills for better readability, e.g. “Programming languages”, “Platforms”, “Services”
  • List only the most recent and relevant technology. Outdated technology may leave a poor impression
  • Mention methodologies on par with frameworks -- the ability to work with teams that follows agile or DevOps workflows is as important as the skills you have
  • Add some more buzzwords you weren’t able to include with the Experience section: DataOps, DevOps, VR/AR. But add only relevant skills, don’t over do it
  • If you’re going for a leadership position, put the Soft Skills section before the Technical Skills section

Here are some of the hard skills to put on your technical resume:

Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (5)

Hard Skills for a Good Technical Resume

  • Programming languages (C#, Java, Python, Scala, PHP, Javascript)
  • DevOps (Ansible, Puppet, Docker, etc.)
  • Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure, Google CLoud, IBM, etc.)
  • Architectures (micr-services, scalable computing, distributed computing)
  • Front End (React.js, Angular.js, Vue.jx, Ember.js, …)
  • Back End (Django, Laravel, ASP.NET Core, Ruby on Rails, Flask, …)
  • SQL, noSQL

Let’s be honest: engineers are rarely hot for the soft skills section.

And recruiters are not that hot for generic “communication” and “problem solver” entries to this section either.

But here comes one of those great opportunities to transform something that is a liability into an opportunity.

Frame your Soft skills section as your “Achievements”.

Won a blockchain hackathon in 2019? Great way to demonstrate your quick thinking and creativity.

Spot an error in a corporate BI reporting system? That’s attention to details.

Launched an MVP with a small team of undergrads? Teamwork and resource management.

This section is also great for demonstrating your ability to work well within Agile teams, corporate cultures, or remote startups.

Just learn more about the company you’re applying for and you’ll see which soft skills you should double down on.

Here are some of the soft skills to put on your technical resume

Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022 (Layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description) (6)

Top 12 Soft Skills to List on Your Tech Resume

  • Agile methodologies
  • Critical thinking
  • QA
  • Lean development
  • Presentation & demonstration
  • Team work
  • Attention to details
  • Analytical approach
  • Strategic thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Quick learner

Are you still not sure what skills will win recruiters over? Check out our guide on How to Create A Resume Skills Section To Impress Recruiters (+10 Examples You Need to See).

Tech Resume Education & Certification Sections

The majority of technical positions require a bachelor degree in computer science or any related field.

But the more experience the technical position requires, the less education plays a role in your selection process.

If you’re applying for Senior Software Engineer, IT Manager, or any other job that requires years of experience, put the Experiences section on top of your tech resume template.

If you, however, apply for an entry-level technical position, make sure to format your Education section for the maximum impact.

In order to do that, put the most relevant coursework in the beginning. Mention your GPa if it’s above the average, and if it's less than 3.0 drop the number altogether.

If you have IT projects that you completed during your education, consider putting them in a separate Projects section of your tech resume.

Browse more essential tips on how to feature education on your resume, in our guide Perfecting the Education Section on Your Resume.

The Best Certificates For Your Tech Resume

There are many certifications in the IT field, but there’s no reason to mention every one of them on your tech resume to impress recruiters.

Add only certificates that are highly relevant for the job or hard to achieve (such as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or Project Management Professional).

(Video) Amazon Recruiter Shares His 21 Resume Writing Tips and Advice | Amazon News

For more information on how to properly list resume certifications, we recommend reading our guide How To List Certifications On A Resume (Examples Included).

Other sections to include on your resume

Depending on the company, job seniority level and your location, you may want to include more sections to your Tech resume:

  • Language skills
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Projects
  • Volunteer work
  • Highlights
  • References
  • LinkedIn on Resume
  • GPA

Summary: Creating a Tech Resume That Stands Out

  • Create a compelling narrative with your tech resume instead of simply listing your technical skills
  • Stand out from your competition by demonstrating the impact of your professional work
  • Use clever formatting to guide recruiters attention and make your technical resume easy-to-read and engaging
  • Provide a context for your technical skills to demonstrate them in action and prove that you really possess them
  • Go extra mile researching the companies you’re applying for to learn their preferences, goals, and challenges, and use this information to enrich your tech resume


How would you describe your technical skills? ›

Technical skills, sometimes referred to as hard skills, involve the practical knowledge you use in order to complete tasks. Some examples of technical skills are: Data analysis. Web development.

How do you layout skills on a resume? ›

Tips for including skill levels on your resume
  1. Enlist the help of a template. ...
  2. List the skills you are most experienced in, first. ...
  3. List your technical skills before interpersonal skills. ...
  4. Include more expert and proficient skills than novice skills. ...
  5. Choose skills that reflect the job position. ...
  6. Use horizontal space.

What should you not put on a resume for 2022? ›

Don't include lots of information that's irrelevant to the job you're applying for. “Sure, you've got hobbies, interests, languages, favorite bands, and ambitions,” Cenedella says. “But keep the information that doesn't address your ability to be responsible, accountable, and a hard worker to a reasonable level.”

What should a 2022 resume not include? ›

5 Things to Leave Off of Your Resume in 2022
  • Drop the Objective. The objective line is mostly a thing of the past when it comes to modern resume-building. ...
  • Don't Be Divisive. ...
  • Don't Make Anything Up! ...
  • Avoid Third Person. ...
  • Don't Include a Job-Related Email Address.
22 Feb 2022

Is MS Excel a technical skill? ›

Excel is a program within the Microsoft Office Suite. It contains a spreadsheet that can automatically input, calculate and analyze data , which makes it a valuable skill for the workplace. Employees can use Excel to accomplish an abundance of daily tasks.

How many skills should you list in a resume? ›

You should list 4 to 10 skills on a resume. The number of hard and soft skills you include on your resume depends on the job you want, but 4 to 10 is enough for most candidates.

Which of these things should be avoided in a resume? ›

The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid
  • Typos and Grammatical Errors. ...
  • Lack of Specifics. ...
  • Attempting the "One–Size–Fits–All" Approach. ...
  • Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments. ...
  • Going on Too Long or Cutting Things Too Short. ...
  • Bad Summary. ...
  • No Action Verbs. ...
  • Leaving Off Important Information.

What are the 7 essential soft skills? ›

7 essential soft skills in demand
  • Teamwork. With effective teamwork, teams are more productive, deadlines are met, relationships with your team members are stronger and knowledge is shared. ...
  • Problem solving. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
  • Critical thinking. ...
  • Time management. ...
  • Interpersonal.

What is the best layout for a CV? ›

A CV layout is standardised: your name and contact details go on top, followed by a personal statement, experience, education, and skills. Hobbies and interests are optional. There's a growing trend to make the CV one page long, but for more experienced candidates two and even three pages are safe.

What is the most successful resume template? ›

1. Reverse-Chronological Resumes. The most widely used resume format among job seekers today, reverse-chronological resumes are also probably the easiest for recruiters and hiring managers to understand at a glance—which is itself an advantage.

What is an example of a technical skill? ›

Some examples of technical skills include mechanics, information technology, mathematics, and science. These skills can require years of specific training, and in many cases, advanced training to master.

How do you say I am good with technology? ›

Examples of computer skills for resumes
  1. Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  2. Composed and sent over 150 emails a week using Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Created and formatted simple office budget spreadsheets on Microsoft Excel.
  4. Wrote, edited and formatted documents on Microsoft Word.

What are soft skills and technical skills? ›

Technical skills include tools and machines on which you work and get proficiency after a certain time. Soft skills on the other hand are the interpersonal skills or people skills that can be used in any/every job. These include communication, teamwork, and adaptability.

What are employers looking for in resumes 2022? ›

While there are specific information employers will expect in your job application, the essential things you'll need to include are: Contact details. Work experience. Education.

How many pages should my resume be 2022? ›

How long should your resume be in 2022? There is no perfect answer. Depending on the job description and your work experience, your resume should be one or two pages long. If you have over 10 years of relevant experience, a multi-page resume works better than a one-page.

How many pages should a resume be? ›

Most resumes should be between one and two pages long. But, some can be three pages or more.

Do and don'ts of a good CV? ›

The CV should be professional and should include your important data. Don't include the following information. These things are not necessary: age; ethnic identity; political affiliation; religious preference; hobbies; marital status; sexual orientation; place of birth; photographs; height; weight and health.

Do and don'ts in CV writing? ›

You could be the most qualified candidate by far but fail to get the job because your CV doesn't meet the expectations of the hiring manager.
  • Keep it to 2 Pages. ...
  • Tailor your CV to the Job. ...
  • Choose the Right CV Type. ...
  • Follow the Correct CV Format: ...
  • Choose the Right Font. ...
  • Keep it Neat and Tidy.
30 Jan 2017

How do I show my Excel skills on my resume? ›

List any courses you've taken to improve your Excel skills. Share more about how you've used Excel to optimize different processes. Highlight your Excel skills in your resume summary. Mention some achievements related to your Excel skills.

What to say about Excel in an interview? ›

When asked general questions about Excel, mention popular Excel features such as pivot tables, vlookups, macros, and text functions. Support your answers with real-life experiences where you applied your knowledge of Excel to solve problems and achieve results in your previous positions.

What are the 5 basic Excel skills? ›

Five basic Excel skills to include in your resume
  • Data recording. Basic Excel users must know how to navigate and record data. ...
  • Formulas. There are some formulas you need to know for basic Excel skills: ...
  • Charts and graphs. ...
  • Data organization. ...
  • Pivot tables.

What is hard skills in resume? ›

Hard skills are abilities that let you tackle job-specific duties and responsibilities. Hard skills can be learned through courses, vocational training, and on the job. These skills are usually focused on specific tasks and processes such as the use of tools, equipment, or software.

How many mistakes are allowed on a resume? ›

A recent poll asked hiring managers how many spelling errors they could tolerate on a resume or cover letter. The answer: One or none, according to most managers.

Should I use the word I in a resume? ›

Your resume should never be written in third person. Use first person, but leave out the pronoun “I.” For example, if you're an administrative assistant, instead of saying “I coordinated travel for senior leadership,” simply say “Coordinated travel for senior leadership.”

What employers look for on a resume 2022? ›

There are mainly four things that recruiters and hiring managers look for in the resume scanning stage: work experience, education, skill set, and personality.

How do I organize my resume 2022? ›

The reverse-chronological resume format is the most popular resume structure in 2022. It emphasizes the applicant's work experience and skills, so it's the go-to for most professionals. The entries are listed in reverse-chronological order - hence the name - which makes it easy for recruiters to follow.

What are 5 things that should be included on a resume? ›

Key Elements of a Resume
  • Personal Information. Name Current and Permanent address (may be omitted from a resume posted on the web) ...
  • Objective. In one short sentence summarize your goal for your job search. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Work and Related Experience. ...
  • Awards and Honors. ...
  • Activities/Hobbies. ...
  • Skills. ...
  • References (3-5 people)

What kind of resume do employers prefer? ›

Chronological resume

This is the most common type of resume format and is generally preferred by most hiring managers. A chronological resume leads with your work history, which should list your current and previous positions in reverse chronological order.

What does a good CV look like in 2022? ›

Include your job title, company name and dates of employment for each role. Then add up to six bullet points starting with action words and structured using accomplishment statements. Education: include details of your degree if you're a uni graduate and your A-levels and GCSEs if you're writing a school-leaver CV.

Do I need a professional summary on my resume 2022? ›

You should use a resume summary section when you want to highlight your skills, experience, and overall showcase your professional background to recruiters. Use this opportunity to intrigue and draw them further into your resume by helping them get a quick overview of your know-how and how you can be a valuable asset.

How many pages should my resume be 2022? ›

How long should your resume be in 2022? There is no perfect answer. Depending on the job description and your work experience, your resume should be one or two pages long. If you have over 10 years of relevant experience, a multi-page resume works better than a one-page.

What are the 7 sections of a resume? ›

Typically, a resume will include the following parts:
  • Header. Include your name, full address, phone number and email. ...
  • Professional Objective (optional) This is a phrase or sentence that highlights your intentions and accomplishments. ...
  • Qualifications Summary (optional) ...
  • Education. ...
  • Experience. ...
  • References.

What is the best resume template for 2022? ›

What is the best resume format for 2022? For most people, the reverse-chronological resume format is the best option. This means listing your work experience and education in reverse-chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent position and working backwards through previous jobs or degrees.

What are some things you should not include on a resume? ›

11 things not to put on your resume
  • Too much information. ...
  • A solid wall of text. ...
  • Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. ...
  • Inaccuracies about your qualifications or experience. ...
  • Unnecessary personal information. ...
  • Your age. ...
  • Negative comments about a former employer. ...
  • Too many details about your hobbies and interests.

What should go at the top of a resume? ›

Contact section

The contact section should be at the top of your resume and include your first and last name, address, email address and phone number. If you don't feel comfortable putting your home address, list your city and state.

How many pages should a resume be? ›

Most resumes should be between one and two pages long. But, some can be three pages or more.

How many references should you include in your resume? ›

How many references on a resume? Three to five is the ideal number of references for a resume. If the job description or the company have specifically requested that you include a list of references (and this should really be the only reason that you do), three to five strategically-chosen people are just right.

What are the common mistakes of a resume? ›

11 Common CV Mistakes According to Employers
  • Having spelling errors and bad grammar. ...
  • Exaggerating the truth. ...
  • Poor formatting. ...
  • An unoriginal personal profile. ...
  • Not focusing on your achievements. ...
  • Making your CV too long. ...
  • Putting the wrong contact information. ...
  • Not tailoring your CV to the specific role.

What is the most successful resume format? ›

1. Reverse-Chronological Resumes. The most widely used resume format among job seekers today, reverse-chronological resumes are also probably the easiest for recruiters and hiring managers to understand at a glance—which is itself an advantage.

How can I make my resume strong? ›

Simple resume writing tips to help you stand out
  1. Keep your resume short and direct. ...
  2. Create an original resume template. ...
  3. Highlight relevant skills and experiences. ...
  4. Demonstrate results with numbers and metrics. ...
  5. Craft a career snapshot. ...
  6. Optimize your text. ...
  7. Think beyond your job duties. ...
  8. Use the right language to stand out.


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