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Takedown Twenty audiobook – Audience Reviews

Hi there, are you looking for Takedown Twenty audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.

Takedown Twenty audiobook free By: Janet Evanovich Free Stream online (1)

Review #1

Takedown Twenty full audiobook free

You would think by now the author would have exhausted all ideas for Stephanie and her misfit friends. In this episode she is after two high profile, highly dangerous people. One, Uncle Sunny, is actually Morelli’s godfather, and he won’t even help out. Uncle Sunny has too many people covering for and protecting him because they are enormously frightened of him. Then there is a gang member that is frightened of no one and has a huge muscleman protecting him too. Morelli is not a big part of this book as he is recovering from a gunshot wound, and is still working his cases and not a big help to Stephanie, but Ranger is Stephanie’s savior time and again. Stephanie begins to realize, maybe she is not cut out to be bond enforcement. And, of course, Lulu is Lulu and Grandma is Grandma. Plenty of laughs and suspense.

Review #2

Takedown Twenty audiobook in series Stephanie Plum

If I need a mindless read by the pool while day drinking on vacation, this is it. I’ve read several of the Stephanie Plum books and that is what they are good for. If you are looking for interesting, well written, imaginative and/or thought provoking then this is not for you. If you are looking for escapist, formulaic, easy characters that never change or mature (swipe on some mascara! I can’t cook! Which of the two ever present, overly hot men do I sleep with!) go for it. Three stars because I didn’t expect more. I basically re-read the books I already have when I’m done with my “book club” books and I need mental cotton candy and honestly, I can barely tell the difference between them. Oh, sorry, there is a giraffe in this one – Janet went off script.

Review #3

Takedown Twenty audiobook by Janet Evanovich

Here goes Stephanie Plum again! Take Down Twenty by Janet Evanovich is a fun read. Plum gets herself into more situatiions than one can count. Yes, she a bounty hunter. She only gets paid if and when she locates a bond jumper, tracks them down and brings them in to the Trenton NJ police. She comes from a large family in Trenton and because of it’s size, some of her relatives just might be on the wrong side of the law. Her boy friend and lover, Joe Morelli, a homide detective, an Ranger, who runs his own business in Trenton, do their very best to keep Steph out of trouble. Trouble? You have now idea just how much trouble Steph can and does get in! It just seems to follow her around! Cars and trucks catch fire and she is always looking for a new ride! Her Uncle Sunny, is on the other side of the law. Steph knows, the family knows, but how to catch him? Steph’s grandma Mazur want to help find the crooks. This is a fun read! Once you begin reading Janet Evanovich novels, well, need I say more: Ratee “R” for sexual content and language. DP. Castro Valley, CA.

Review #4

Takedown Twenty audio narrated by C. J. Critt

Ok,I enjoyed this book as I have the others in the series but I am growing increasingly uncomfortable with Stephs attachment to Morelli who totally hung her out to dry in this book. Bella curses her and tries to shoot her but the next we see, Bella is being enthusiastically welcomed into Morellis house because she has on her lucky game hat and cooked some disgusting tongue dish he likes to eat. And Stephanie doesnt even seem to mind, just continues to crawl at his heels always hoping for a ring? She is becoming pathetic and he is becoming totally insensitive, almost abusive in his lack of respect for her. If I were Steph, Morelli would have been kicked to the curb once and for all in this book. I love Ranger and the way he partners with Steph, quite the contrast, so I would love to see Steph get her head straight enough to realize she needs neither Morelli nor a ring.

Review #5

free audio Takedown Twenty – in the audio player below

Stephanie Plum is assigned a big ticket bounty, Uncle Sunny. Not her Uncle Sunny, her boyfriend’s great Uncle Sunny, who has skipped bail. Uncle Sunny is involved in Trenton’s seamy underworld of gambling, bookmaking and prostitution and probably drugs. A little outside Stephanie’s usual realm of bounties, so she calls in Ranger, her other boyfriend/security firm owner for help. In return for his help with Uncle Sunny, Ranger asks Stephanie to assist with a series of mysterious senior citizen deaths. Who better to turn to for help that Grandma Mazur who hangs out in the local funeral parlor and knows all the good funereal gossip. One thing leads to another and Stephanie finds herself hanging out with Grandma at bingo halls looking for suspects. Can Stephanie and Ranger solve the senior citizen deaths and find Uncle Sunny? Or will Stephanie take an unwanted dive off the bridge? Oh, and let’s not forget sidekick Lula and the giraffe. It sounds complicated, but it’s a real hoot.

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