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The Mission 13: G.A.R.M. is the thirteenth mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as Adam leaves Prague a second time to a secret facility in the Swiss Alps the hides Marchenko's base of operations.

As you approach the facility, Chikane will drop you off in the snowy hills just outside the facility entrance for a bit of espionage. There’s only one way in here, so hack the level 1 locked door to get out of the cold and sneak inside.


Except you won’t be sneaking in, because you’ve been expected. As the cutscene plays out, you’ll find that this espionage mission will quickly turn into a rescue mission, and Chikane is nowhere to be found. You can hail either Miller or Vega to get someone working on an extraction for you. If you want to know the effects of that choice, check the spoiler text below:

Escape the Facility

Video Walkthrough: Part One

You’ve been dumped into a gorge outside the hangar bays, and escaping means you’ll have to go back through them. As always, there’s a couple ways you can do this, and the sections will be listed below - so feel free to make your own path.

If you have the Remote Hacking Aug, you can find a grate leading to a fan unit that can be powered down - allowing you access through the ducts. If you don’t have remote hacking, check around the corner for a breaker switch. It empties into a small maintenance shaft with a case holding hacking software, and a ladder up.

You can also enter the hangar by remote hacking a ladder to descend, or use the ladder behind the scaffolding to jump across the small outcroppings to the third floor balcony where a weapons crate holds a Tactical Shotgun. This leads to a locker room with another shotgun, ammo, and other items. There’s a door here that’s level 1 locked leading to the main hangar, and an evacuation map right next to it. If you want to bypass the lock, look among the shelving to find a grate leading to the stairwell on the left where two guards will talk, before one moves to patrol the lower hangar.

Inside the entry hall past the main door is a moving camera, a desk with a Biocell, and a Multi-tool on a cart near the camera. Past the camera is a drill control room that the lower route with the fan lead to, and has 10mm Pistol, Tactical Shotgun, Battle Rifle, eBook, case with hacking software, and a level 3 locked laptop that has two messages in french. One is about the drill cylinder not being the right size, and warning not to use it - lest you cause serious damage to the hangar. The second email holds someone’s complaints about a hole in the ceiling letting noise from the hangar come through. Knowing this, you’ll have a couple options going forward, listed below:

Hangar 1 Main Floor Path

Look out the window and see what you are up against in this room - three guards are in a tight group right below you, while three guards patrol the right side, and two on the left, in addition to two snipers on the higher levels of both sides and another on the far side. Hangar 1 is made up up four small raised mobile bunkers on the left and back wall, with a giant glacier on the right wall that separates hangar 1 from hangar 2. A drill is hanging between three holes in the glacier, and there is are two lowered pits in the center of the room, with glacier cylinders along the right path.

(Video) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Ghost Walkthrough - Mission 13: G.A.R.M. (Part Twenty Three)

If you take the stairs down, watch for the sniper on the raised platform ahead of you. Down the first flight of stairs is a large crate that leads to a storeroom right behind the three operatives - so be careful if you plan to sneak off to the far side. The storeroom has another duct on the floor under a large crate, leading off to the glacier wall.

At the bottom of the stairwell is another grate with a duct leading to the back of the closest raised bunker. Around the other side of the bunker - in full view of the operatives - is an unlocked security laptop by a disabled turret. There’s also a hatch nearby that can be raised with remote hacking to provide cover, or attract enemies. The three operatives themselves are guarding a cache of Combat Rifles.

If you take the left path, note that you can crawl under the mobile bunkers, or jump on top of them, or climb around the back. Inside the first is a weapons briefcase with ammo, and a level 3 locked laptop - which appears to have mail sent to Vadim Orlov. Interesting. The second mobile bunker has two operatives inside (after talking, one will exit to a patrol the back corner of the hangar). Inside is a Breach Software, 10mm Pistol, ammo, and a level 3 locked laptop. Around the back between the two bunkers is a floor duct that bypasses the bunker and leads near a camera poised over the stairs to Viktor’s back office.

The office has a level 4 door lock, but you can also Icarus Dash up to a floor above with a Tranquilizer Rifle and Tactical Shotgun and drop in from above. Inside is an eBook, weapons briefcase with a Stun Gun and ammo, weapons cabinet with a Grenade Launcher, Multi-tool and Holosight Mod, and a Square Enix Triangle Code under an archive box just to the left of the cabinet. Viktor’s level 4 locked laptop has some interesting notes from whoever has been tipping his team off about you and TF29. He also have a level 3 locked security laptop for the camera below and alarm systems. If you take the duct under the desk, it will lead you to a storage locker right near the hall leading out of Hangar 1.

If you go along the back wall, the mobile bunker below Viktor’s office has a single operative along with a weapons briefcase with ammo and an EMP Grenade, a locker with a Machine Pistol, and a level 3 locked laptop. The door opposite connects to the other bunker, and there’s a grate below that leads behind the second bunker - which only contains food, junk, and another level 3 locked laptop - which has the code to a laser grid that may be active in the hangar access tunnel - 6653. At the back corner is the level 3 locked storage locker that has the grate to Viktor’s office, which has some ammo and a weak wall to the adjacent room. This room has an electrified blue tube with a breaker switch, and can be traversed to bypass the otherwise level 1 locked access tunnel to hangar 2, which has four armed guards.


Hangar 1 Ice Drill Path

Video Speedrun: Ice Drill Path

For a much easier alternative to sneaking through hangar 1, inspect the control room opposite the stairwell - in the room with the laptop with french emails. There is a powered down control panel you can plug a Biocell into to activate the ice drill controls - which you can see through the window. Press the left button to pull the drill out of the glacier - at which point one of the operatives below will radio the room. If you bluff that you’re fixing a mistake, they will leave you alone, otherwise they will send someone to check on you. With the drill pulled out, press up twice to bring it all the way to the hole at the far end near the access to hangar 2, and press right to insert the drill. A button at the top will light up, letting you drill a brand new hole straight into hangar 2.

Now look up and remote hack a ladder down from an upper level, and remote hack the laser grid at the top of the ladder to disable it. You can climb the ladder up to the drill access support beams, and travel across them so that you can jump into the hole you just made - just be quick and quiet!

Warning - after beginning to enter Hangar 2, a site-wide alert may sound, and the operatives will be on high alert. Interestingly enough, this only seems to happen if you contacted Miller instead of Alex…

Hangar 2

(Video) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Ghost Walkthrough - Mission 13: G.A.R.M. (Part Twenty Two)

Video Walkthrough: Part Two

If coming from the main access tunnel, note the large crate on the right as you go in, which hides a duct going to the right of the guarded path. There are laser tripwires here, but you can dodge them by going left into another duct leading to the end of the access hall. If you do decide to brave the tunnel, note that there is a level 3 security laptop for some cameras in Hangar 2, as well as a Square Enix Triangle Code in the tray to the left of the laptop.

Main Access Path

Whether you came through the tunnel or the electrified tube, you’ll come out into the training area of Hangar 2. In front of you, two operatives are testing their augs on a small obstacle course while another operative watches them with his back to the door. To the right is an enclosed shooting range, where four operatives are firing at a fifth testing the titan shield augmentation - and he will use it on you if he finds you. Note the windows to the firing range, so be careful if trying to take out the ones on the obstacle course - lure them into the access tunnel or the pipe room if you have to take them out - or hack the window shielding to cut off their vision. On the other side of the obstacle course is some hacking software and a level 2 locked laptop.

Firing Range Path

You can take the ladder on top of the firing room which leads over the room to a hatch looking down at the four operatives, and a drop down to where two operatives outside the firing range are lounging in a storage locker / medical room. One of them carries a Pocket Secretary with the code to the security terminal back in the ice tunnel: NanoSpika. The storage room also has the schematics for the Nanoblade Augmentation of Vadim Orlov’s design, and one operative has it equipped in the far left tent. There’s also a vent in the corner leading to the shooting range’s armory, which has three weapon cabinets full of ammo, grenades, and guns like a Tactical Shotgun, Machine Pistol, Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Combat Rifle - as well as a 4x Scope Mod. If you go in from the shooting range, be sure to check the operatives as one has a Pocket Secretary with the code: 8935.

In the back right corner is a training area with two operatives, - one exercising while the other watches him. You can try and bypass this from above if you climb onto a ledge from the firing range’s roof and hop up to a platform with a Sniper Rifle, with another platform below it overlooking the training area.

In fact, if you have the extended Icarus Dash upgrade, you can reach the orange beam and bypass the rest of hangar 2 by following it to the stairwell at the far end.


Along with back wall are two more mobile units, and an armored personnel carrier in front of them with an active turret. Luckily the first mobile bunker has a level 4 locked security terminal that can disable the turret and the camera in the far tent. The bunker also has a Laser Targeting System Mod in a locker, and a level 2 locked laptop. As you leave the bunker, note the floor grate behind it, that leads to the recessed tarp-covered areas that have ducts to the tent in the far left corner.

The second mobile bunker has one lone operative, with two others on the other side - one of which is patrols an APC. As before, this bunker contains two laptops: One level 4 locked security laptop for the camera and already disabled turret outside, and another level 3 locked terminal that has an interesting tidbit about Viktor. Past the last bunker and the APCs is a stairwell that will take you up to the top.

Ice Drill Path

From your vantage point heading through the drilled tunnel, you can take a left to climb onto the small room near the obstacle course, and scale the tent next to it. You can peek into the tent from a hole in the ceiling to see three operatives standing around an old Box Guard Unit. One of them at the back carries a pretty interesting Pocket Secretary from an unknown source. There’s also other items to find in here, like an eBook, Neuropozyne, a Stun Gun, and a Square Enix Triangle Code underneath the Box Guard the three operatives are standing around. Along the back wall is an unlocked laptop, and another level 1 locked laptop.

Of great importance is an unlocked laptop that talks about “Damocles’ Sword” from someone named "MrM" that appears to be a fail-safe in case Viktor changes his mind. It also mentions to meet by the lockers, so head to the back left corner and use Smart Vision to highlight a yellow button along the back of the lockers. Hop up above them to access the button, and find the revealed item - Marchenko’s Kill Switch. Probably a good thing to keep hold of.

Outside the tent is a patrolling guard, with another around an APC in the far right corner. To the left of the guard is access to a lift elevator (Lift the heavy crate to find a lift control) that will take you right up to the top floor. Helipad Access.

(Video) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Speedrun: Escape G.A.R.M. In Under 5 Minutes

Through the control room you’ll be in a small corridor with windows to the room beyond, patrolled by three operatives who will split up to cover opposite sides of the room with one patrolling between both - along with a camera pointed at the exit. The patrolling guard carries a Pocket Secretary with the password to his terminal: BaconChipsDonut.

You can either go left by moving a large crate to the left of the windows to find a vent leading to the main room itself near one of the stationary operatives. From here you can sneak into another small room opposite the exit that holds hacking software, Breach Software, and two locked terminals: A level 2 locked security laptop for the camera, and a level 3 locked laptop belonging to the guard outside.

If you want to go right from the entry corridor, you can slip into a small locker room full of dead ARC members - test subjects for the Orchid. This room connects to a storage area that holds a vent above some boxes - but drops you right over where one of the guards is, and close to the exit and camera covering it.

As you access the lift and take it up, you’ll regain contact with Chikane (if you haven’t already) and the lift will take you right up to the helipad site. You can now get out of here - or you can tell Chikane to wait if you wanted to explore a bit more and find any items or collectibles you may have missed - because you won’t becoming back.

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