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Shalidor the Archmage was famous for his exploits in the First Era. Various tales tell of him battling Dwemer legions single-handedly, building the city of Winterhold with a whispered spell, stealing the secret of life from Akatosh, or constructing Labyrinthian himself. Find the source of his power and unveil the secrets of the Glamoril in this mod.


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What this mod adds:

35 New spells with unique effects.
A player Home.
An elder scroll to wear which empowers the effects of the new added spells.
A new armor piece called "The Shalidor's crown" which reduces novice and apprentice spell cost from all schools to 0.
A new sword that cuts reality on swing.
A new staff that causes temporal diversions.
2 New Spell Tomes as shields that have different effects on blocking.
2 new perk trees for each archetype introduced by the mod completely diegetic and compatible with any perk overhaul.

How to get the spells:
You can acquirein spell vendors the scroll "Over Ada-Mantia", cast it looking directly at the sun and you will be teleported inside the dimensional realm and get that spell. The scroll is added dynamically by a script to the leveled lists and shouldn't be rare to find. Once you learn the spell Dimensional Realm go to the glamoril forge (situated in the isle in front of the main island in which you get teleported) and investigate the spell "Time Shift" so you can collect Life Time from foes killed by Time Shift.
Beside the "Glamoril Forge" you will find two fountains, the left one can be used to access the new perk trees and the right one you can use it to exchange Life Time for Glamoril Fragments, use those fragments in the Glamoril forge to craft the new spells and Items of the mod, some items have to be unlocked by perks before you can craft them.

Some other spells like Wither or Chrono Trap would be better to farm more life time so try to prioritize them but there's lots of combinations with the spells in order to collect more life time from targets.
Tip 01: you can stack the Wither effect multiple times on the same foe increasing the damage caused, if the target dies with multiple effects stacked on it will give you 3 years for each stacked effect.
Tip 02: You can combine different spells for maximum effects, for example if you stop time you can concatenate more than just 10 Wither effects before finishing it with a chrono trap, a Time Shift a Chrono Mantle effect a Time Construct near the target and a Zero Sum so you can store from a single target with enough life crazy amounts of years the best I was able to get was 400ish
Tip 03: There's multiple combinations with the effects, for example you can cast Wither two or three times over a target and then freeze it with Chrono Stasis so they slowly get damaged over time while being imprisoned and you can handle different foes.
Tip 04: You can use rewind to revive a targetand then keep farming Life Time from him, think of a targetyou reaaaaaaly hate, let's say Nazeem since everyone hates him, Trap him with Dimensional Prison, go to your Glamoril Arena, drop him inside, kill him with multiple wither effects, revive him with rewind, repeat the process until your soul is satisfied with the result.

You can also gain Lifetime by defeating foes in the Dimensional Arena

If your rather have a quest to obtain the spells please check my other mod:
Glamoril - The Maze Of Labyrinthian

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Arcane thievery: teleport any item from your target inventory to yours.
Teleportation: teleport to aimed location
Mark: mark current place to be recalled
Recall: teleport to marked place

Energy erasure: Erase the target's affinity to magicka. For 30 seconds the target can't cast any spell.
Time Marches On: Increase your movement speed by 50% for 20 seconds.
Chrono Trap: If target dies within 30 seconds steal 10 years of life time.

Gravity push: Create a gravity wave that pushes everything away. The force impact will deal 30 of physical damage.
Chrono Stasis: Distort the currents of time creating a wave that locks targets in time for 5 seconds. If the target has less than 10% of health it will be trapped in time for ever.

Force field: Create force field around you for 60s. Reflect damage and spells by 60% and become immune to fall damage. This spell removes any magic armor you're using.
Blur: distort your shape in mundus becoming intangible for 10s but you lose all your stamina (you can still attack or fire spells)
Absolute Ward: Create an impenetrable barrier and receive 20% less damage inside the barrier. You can dispelthis effect by activating the barrier.
Gravity pull: maintain to pull objects and creatures to you.

Gravity Heft: Increase the force of gravity in a 150ft area around you. Targets will be pushed to the ground and unable to move for 30 seconds.
Spatial Curtain: Create a spatial diversion around you for 60 seconds. Anyone that tries to cross the diversion will be pushed away.
CHIM: Break space-time continuum creating a distortion at your location and gaining godlike powers. After 12 seconds you go back in time but all you made remain true.
Stop Time: Snap your fingers and slow time as long as you want for half of your base magicka. Snap them again to return time to normal.


Dimensional Realm: Cast to teleport to your personal realm in which you have a home. Cast it again to return to mundus.

Dimensional Vault:Open the vault of your dimension in which you can store any items.

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Dimensional Door: Open a door to travel to a created realm in which you have access to any major settlement in Skyrim. Recast over the map of Skyrimto travel to the position you're in the map.
Time Construct: restore life to the rocks and conjure a old golem. The time construct fights as a frost atronach and has it's own powers, it's resistant to magic but has less resistances to physical damage.

Chrono Prison: Trap the target in a prison inside your dimensional realm up to 8 targets. You can see the targets trapped inside when you travel to your realm. When you have trapped at least one target a new spell will be added to you to be able to release the latest target trapped.
Noemocath: A conjurable merchant. The voice was made using some dialogue from the black market merchant form the Dragonborn DLC and SKVA SYNTH


Time shift: Deal 20 points of magic damage and steal part of the target's lifetime. If the target dies this will grant you 2 years of life time and empowers this effect by 10% for 30s

Wither: Speed the aging process of the target dealing 5 points of unresistable damage for 10 seconds. If the target dies from this effect you absorb 3 years of lifetime and empowers this effect by 20% for 30s.
Cosmic volt: A blast of cosmic energy that does 30 points of true damage.

Expanding bolts: Energizeyour target dealing 40 points of true damage, the energy surge jumps to other targets in a 20ft radius.
Chrono Mantle:for 90 secondscreate a diversion aroundyourself that steals lifetime absorbing 10 points of health. If the target dies absorb 2 years of his life time.

Cosmic Vortex: create a vortex of cosmic energies dealing 40 magic points for second.
Reality Slash: cut reality itself dealing 75 points of magic damage.

Zero Sum: Awake the target from the dream that is reality making him disappear (items will be lost). Absorb all of the target's remaining life time (maximum 100 years).


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Rewind your time to a more healthier state curing poison and diseases.

Eternity Feast:

Consume cosmic energies healing yourself for 50 points. If you have stored more than 250 years you also regenerate 10% of your total magicka.

Pain Reminisce:

Make your target relive the pain countless times.The target sufferts 50% extra damage from all sources.


rewind time on your targetswounds healing him 15 points for 10 seconds. If the target is dead this spell will revive him with 10% of health (reviving a follower may cause to stop following you so you will have to talk again with him/her).

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Shalidor's Mirror:

create a ward that blocks spells and physical damage. If hit by a spell you cast it back wherever you're pointing.

Lesser Powers

Reload: On cast store the spell equipped in your right hand, on recast replicate that spell. (30s of cooldown)

About Compatibility:
This mod does not change any vanilla record. The Dimensional realm spell is added to the leveled lists through a script that runs in a quest. So it should be compatiblewith any mod.

If you like my work and want me to keep doing it please consider to
Glamoril - Magic of Time and Space (6)¡And don't forget to endorse!

I wanted to tell a story, but it seems I'm very bad at it. So I'll write it down here.
I've been approached by a player in my personal inbox and I've read comments like "why does chim spell does this" or "what actually does chim", ok so first I'll state the problem here.
Chim is a very abstract and weird concept made to fit a narrative with multiple endings into one single world it's really hard to create a single power that represents what breaking space-time continuum really is thus I created an entire mod with space-time continuum themed powers to represent it also I wanted to tell a story but with a very subtle narrative that I'll explain below.

In essence the whole theme of Glamoril is precisely an enlightenment, so you're achieving Chim for a second time, because lorewise it's strongly probable that we as dragonborns achieved Chim in the peak of the throat of the world when you use the scroll and defeat the world eater thus all the outcomes of the guilds of skyrim are 100% cannon like it happened in daggerfall.

If you want to play the mod with the intention to check details do not click on the spoiler below

(Video) Glamoril The Maze Of Labyrinthian Walkthrough


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